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unit 3 is mostly about articles of confederation
The creation of the first government occurred when this was written: The Articles of Confederation
The Northwest Ordinance was created under the: Articles of Confederation
Define Congress meeting
Define ordinance law
The last battle of the American Revolution was: Yorktown
Once the Americans won the war, what was the 1st thing they had to do? create a government
The 1st government in America after the war can best be called a Confederation
Another word for congress is Legislature
The best reason why America created a weak government was because: they were afraid of a ruler with too much power
Who was responsible for printing money under the Articles? states
The Articles did not provide for a president
What was the purpose of the Articles: each state keeps its freedom and independence
Which words belong in words dealing with the Articles of Confederation? Congress, weak, Confederated
Under the Articles of Confederation: each state had one vote
Under the articles, in order to pay for war, what did congress have to do to get money? beg states for money
What rebellion proved we needed a stronger government? Shay's rebellion
What treaty ended the American Revolution? Treaty of Paris
After the revolution what became America's new western border? Mississippi River
What is the law of the United States called today? The Constitution
What did the Constitution replace? The Articles of Confederation
Where were the final shots of the revolution fired? Yorktown
Who was the man who led a rebellion against the Articles of Confederation? Daniel Shays
A good thing about the Articles of Confederation was that it: created states in the Ohio River Valley
Define ratify: Approve
Who had the most power under the Articles of Confederation? State Governments
What does a legislature do? make laws
Who keeps a post office under the Articles? Congress
Why were the articles weak? There was no president
How many votes did each state receive in the Article of Confederation government? one
The first government created can be described as: weak
What was the problem with all the new laws created by each state? they were all different from each other
What were two positive things to come out of the Articles? The Northwest Ordinance and schools
Under the Articles what was the only branch of government? Legislature
What area of the country was developed as a result of the Northwest Ordinance? Ohio River Valley
Name the states created in the Ohio River Valley Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota
Who can best be called a poor farmer? Daniel Shays
Who was the 1st president under the Articles? There wasn't one
Within 7 years of the signing of the treaty ending the war, how many settlers moved west? 2.25 million
What people were most hurt by Americans moving west? Indians
A legal contract and a form of government can best be called a: Constitution
Define confederated: come together
The 1st constitution of the United States was a: Confederacy
Define Secede: To Leave
A place where people meet and debate can best be called a legislature
After the revolutionary war, the name of the American country was: The United States of America
Who made treaties and borrowed money in the Articles? The Legislature
Where did Shay's Rebellion happen? Massachusetts
What country was on the border of America to the west of the Mississippi? Spain
Why are schools important in a Democracy? Because without an educated population the country will die

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