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What is the Great Migration? Used to describe the mass migration of African Americans from the southern US to the industrial centers of the NE and Midwest between 1910s and 1960s (1970s).
Which famous painters of the 20th century Migration Series tells the story of the Great Migration? Jacob Lawrence
What started in the 1900s,involvedmillions of blacks from S to N, and greatly influenced the Harlem Renaissance? The Great Migration
Why migrate? For freedom, treatment, crop infestations, technological innovations, WWI, Racial backlash by Whites, Job Opportunities , and to prove their identity.
What are the advantages of migrating? Freedom, Identity, better chances for education, and formation of large communities
What are the disadvantages of migrating? People were killed, Racism was just as bad in the N just like the S, poor schooling for large communities, and false perception of "lots of opportunity"
How was the North affected? The population increased, economy, and blacks not welcome in the beginning even from some of the African Americans.
How did the Great Migration affect the Harlem Renaissance ? Music, Art, Food, Civil Rights, and power of the people.
The study of number and characteristics of a population is called what? Demography
What else do Demography consider? Not just the people in the area but the factors causing the numbers to increase or decrease.
What differs demography? Statistical study of human population
How many African Americans migrated from the S to the N between 1916 to about 1970s? About 6 million blacks relocated from the S to the N
What was the approximate world population in 2010? 3 Billion People
As of 2017 what is the world population? Approximately 7.5 billion people
What are decreases and increases of population? State of Health Care and Sanitation,;The Extent Practice of Birth Control;The availability of food and other resources; and physical, mental and cultural characteristics.
Who classify and count people on the basic of characteristics such as age, gender, martial status, occupation, income, nationality and race? Demographers
What do regional considerations includes? Resources, type of economic development, level of living, food supply, and condition of health/ well-being
What are the key determinants of population ? birthrate and death rate
What is currently lower than normal ? Death rate
What is two main points of populations growth/decline? Birth must exceeds death for growth to occur and when looking at regional decline or growth consider human migration
What are 3 measures of change in population ? "Fertility Rates": Crude Birth Rates, Total Fertility Rates; "Mortality Rates": Crude birth rate, infant mortality rate; and "Migration"
What simply record a frequency of an occurrence during a giving time frame for a designated population? Rates
What is a population group unified by a specific common characteristics? Cohort
What is a annual number of live births per 1000 population? Cruel Birth Rate
What formula is this for consider high- 30>1000? Cruel Birth Rate
What is the average # of children that would be born to each woman if during her child bearing years, she bore children at the current childrate? Total Fertility Rate ( TFR)
Why has the population growth slowed down in the US and Western Europe? Because of birth control
Why has the population grown rapidly since the 1800s? Because the death rate declined
In 1978 an Essay on the principle of Population as It Affects the future of society was written by who ? Thomas Malthus
What depends on both social environment and biological inheritance ? Individual Success
The science concerned with the interactions between living things and their environment is called what? Ecology
What applies some of their findings of the biological sciences to the problems of social science? Human Ecology
Industrial pollution, depletion of water table and smokestack emissions are all threats to what ? The Ecological Balance
What is the most important US government antipollution agency ? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
What problems are constantly changing ? Demographic
Who invented the radio in 1896 ? Guglielmo Marconi
Who invented the incandescent light bulb in 1876 ? Thomas Edison
What doctor invented the air conditioner ? John Gorrie
What year did The Industrial Revolution began in England ? About the year 1760
A greatly improved steam engine was devised by ? James Watt
A growing domestic market, plentiful raw materials, and scarcity of favored all favored who? American (US) Industrialization
What is production of uniform, sustainable parts called ? Industrialization
Who developed a method of precision machine production which made interchangeable parts possible ? John Hall
What is meant by "outsourced" ? Replacing US high wage workers with low wage foreign workers
What has created great numbers of jobs that required specialized skills or knowledge ? Today Modern Machine Technology
Modern civilization as we know it could not have developed without, what? Technological Base
What are some examples of cyber crime ? Identity Theft, Illegal Transfers of Money and Cyber stalking by internet predators
What do the supply of natural demand depend on ? The type of technology we have
What can be scarce by government policies limiting use ? Goods
Gradually warming of the earth's temperature due to the burning of fossil fuels Global Warming
When was the earliest human made wooden shelters ? About 400.000 years ago
Can help us reflect and think about the implications of future changes Futurists
A leading advocate of controlled technological changes Alvin Toffler
What developments in the future are limited by their imagination ? Potential Technological
The study of human behavior in the mind ? Psychology
Who believes that or personality is shaped by early childhood experiences ? Sigma Fraud
Every second about four children are born while others die ?True or False true
Overpopulation causes resources depletion and environment degradation ?True or False true
Decisions on how children to have are influence only by culture?True or False false
Fertility is the physical ability to reproduce ?True or False false
crude birth rate is the actual production of offspring?True or False false
Fertility is actual production of offspring ?True or False true
Total Fertility Rate is the number of children to an average women during her reproductive life?True or False true
Chinas one child per family policy decrease the country fertility rate in two decades but the policy is very controversial?True or False true
The Harlem renaissance greatly influence The Great Migration ?True or False false
African Americans migrated to the south for technological innovations?True or False false

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