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This material is found in nature and is used by living things. It is called what? Resources Or natural resources
This resource can be replaced in a human Life time. What is it? Renewable resources
This resource can be used over and over and cana??t be used up. What kind a resource am i? Inexhaustible resource
What are some examples of renewable resource? Trees and Wood
What are some examples of inexhaustible resources Water, air, sun
This Kind of resource will be used up someday. What kind a resource am I Nonrenewable resource
What are some examples of non-renewable resources Soil, oil, coal
This word means to use less of a resource at one time. What am I? Conserve
This word means to reuse a resource to make something new. What am I? Recycle
True or false: resources are only found above the earths Surface? False resources are found above, on and under the earth surface
List three ways resources are removed from the earths crust 1) mining (in tunnels)2) Strip mining3) Pumping
Name two ways Renewable resources such as trees and Wood are used They are used as paper and to build houses
Name two ways exhaustible resources such as water air and sun are used? Energy, drinking and cooking
Name two ways nonrenewable resources such as soil oil and coal are used There are use for gasoline in cars, planting and electricity
What are some things that can be recycled? Aluminum, other metals, glass, paper or plastic
How can resources that arena??t recycle be saved? We can use less. For example turn off lights
How can you help reduce pollution? Carpool, ride a bike, recycle, conserve materials.
Name three examples of natural resources Water, rocks, plants and animals
True or false air is a nonrenewable resource. False it is a natural resource
What are some ways people use air Pump up tires, to breathe, to blow up balloons
True or false: everything that people use as a natural resource False: everything that people use is not a natural resource this is because not everything people use is from nature.
Give three examples of what soil is used for. Used for growing crops, soilil can be used for shelter, many tribal people around the world create shelters with the help of soil
Give three examples of what the water is used for. Used for drinking, bodies of water such as ocean and lakes and rivers of the world can be use for transportation. Fishing is a valuable source of food within certain water bodies.
Name three examples of what vegetation is used for Land is used for farming from which vegetables grains and fruits are grown. used for cooking. Clothing is made from cotton, plants are also used as an ingredient in medicine.
Name three examples of what animals are used for Animals are used as food, and their waist is used as fertilizer spread cropped, we get for and hide from animals which are both use for making clothes, and it used for transportation
Man-made resources we use each day I created using what? Natural resources
What are the 3Rs? Reduce, reuse, recycle
What does reduce mean To use less Or concerve
What does reuse mean? To use again
Does recycling mean Make something new
What are three examples of resources that are found under the earth surface Oil, coal, diamonds,
What are some examples of resources that are found on the earth? Soil, air, water
waste that causes harm to land, water, and air Pollution
cars and trucks make this type of pollution Air pollution

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