Sc 7 U4 Less 1-2 Science 7 Unit 4 Lesson 1-2 Skeletal and Muscular System

Question Answer
system a collection of parts that influence or interact with one another
input the matter, energy, or information that enters a system
processing the changing of the input to achieve a goal
output the material, energy, or information that leaves a system
skeletal system contains bones as well as other structures that support other functions in the body
cartilage a strong flexible tissue that covers the ends of the bones
periosteum a membrane that surrounds the bone
joint where two or more bones meet
ligaments the tissue that connects bones to other bones
arthritis a disease in which joints become irritated or inflamed, such as when cartilage in joints is damaged or wears away
osteoporosis a disease that causes bones to weaken and become brittle
muscle made of strong tissue that can contract in an orderly way
skeletal muscle the type of muscle that attaches to bones
voluntary muscles muscles that you can consciously control
cardiac muscles muscles found in the heart
involuntary muscle muscle you cannot consciously control
smooth muscles involuntary muscles named for their smooth appearance
convert to change something into a different form

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