PRAXIS 5354 SPED Special Education PRAXIS exam

Question Answer
One Indicator that suggests the student may have a Receptive Language Disorder Student looks at other students to see what they are doing, before taking action, when given instructions by the teacher.
Special education teachers are expected to hold highly qualified status when teaching….. Core academic subjects, Alternate Achievement Standards, Multiple subjects
IDEA can be described as…. A federal program that authorizes aid for special education and related services to children with disabilities.
Response to Intervention (RTI) is most appropriate for… Identifying students with learning disabilities.
Criterion Referenced Tests measure….. students mastery of specific knowledge and skills after a unit of study.
The diagnosis of severe Intellectual Disability is based on an IQ score of… 20-35
Stages of Phonological Awareness (in order) are…. Listening and RhymingSyllable AwarenessOnset and RimePhoneme Blending
To be identified as Intellectual Disability the student must…. have limitations in two or more areas of adaptive skills.
The Diagnostic Prescriptive Method includes…. Case Review and hypothesis based on the child's history.
The Metacognitive Approach includes using strategies for…. Self-MonitoringSelf-AssessingSelf-CorrectingSelf-Evaluation
Synthesized Speech is…. Artificial Speech Generated by a Computer
Blissymbols are… Symbols representing concepts
Augmentative Communication can be described as…. methods used to supplement or replace speech or writing.
Formative Assessment (both formal and informal) is used to…. check students progress and adjust/modify instruction
Supportive teaching is where….. one teacher teaches and one teacher moves around the room assisting students.
Alternative Teaching is where…. one teacher works with regular students, while one teacher works with a small group of students
Parallel Teaching is where…. two teachers are working with two different groups in different areas of the classroom.
Section 504 does not include special education services, but can be used by students who are also using special education services, and section 504 requires students to be given….. Reasonable AccommodationsRelated ServicesNo more than 10 days suspension in a school year
A Summative Assessment includes…….. Cumulative, Independent Activities that test students skills
What disorders are included under PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)? Asperger SyndromeAutismRett SyndromeChildhood Disintigrative Disorder
List the 13 major disability categories of IDEA (use Mnemonic – THE VOOM IS BAD Slo) Traumatic brain injuryHearing impairedEmotional disturbanceVisual impairedOther health impairedOrthopedic impairedMultiple disabilitiesIntellectual disabilitySpeech/language impairedBlindAutismDeafSpecific learning disability
Name the 8 intelligence types from Gardner's TMI (use Mnemonic – Verby Lin Logs Mat's Visual Space, Bodey Kan MIIN) Verbal LinguisticLogical MathematicalVisual SpatialBodily KinestheticMusicalInterpersonalIntrapersonalNaturalistic
Describe the purpose of the Woodcock Johnson Psychoeducational Battery of tests (WJI, WJII, WJIII, WJIV) Intelligence TestsDetailed analysis of Cognitive Abilities and Achievement
Describe the Premack Principle (Use the Mnemonic – Premack Primate do one to get the other). Dr. Premack studied monkeys. The Premack principle states a person will perform a less desirable activity to get at the more desirable activity. You can use the desirable activities as an incentive to get the person to do the non-desirable activity.
Describe the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (use mnemonic – VABS ID Come Daily So Moe May Be) Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales assess Intellectual Disabilities and developmental delays.1st – 2nd addtion is clinical, but the 3rd can be used by teachers.There are 5 domainsCommunicationDaily Living SocializationMotor Maladaptive behavior
Levels of Reading Development (use mnemonic – EET F) Emergent – Recognizing letters, wordsEarly Reader – Predict words using pictures and visual cuesTransitional Reader – independently monitors and self-correctsFluent Reader- reads fluently

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