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Which behavior would be expected at the mild level of emotional/behavioral disorders? Attention Seeking
Short attention span, daydreaming, clumsiness, and preference for younger playmates are associated with: Immaturity
Skilled readers use all bu which of the following knowledge sources to construct meanings beyond literal text? Morphological Knowledge
Celia, who is in first grade asked, "Where are my ball?" she also has trouble with passive sentences. Language intervention for Celia would target: Syntax
Mr. Men is assessing his students' written expression. Which of these is not a component of written expression? Morphology
A DD may be indicated by 2nd grader having difficulty buttoning clothing
Which of the following best describes how different areas of development impact each other? Areas of development are interrelated and impact each other
5 year old Tom continues to substitute the /w/ for the /r/ when pronouncing words. His articulation disorder is basically a problem in: Phonology
Scott is in middle school but still makes statements like, "I gotted new high tops yesterday." Language intervention for Scott would target: Morphology
One common factor for students with all types of disabilities is that they are also likely to demonstrate difficulty with: Social Skills
Amanda will not complete her assignments. She wants to control how it is done and when she will finish it. How can her teacher improve her motivation to do her work? Provide Amanda with a degree of choices.
Alan has failed repeatedly in his academic work. He needs continuous feedback in order to experience small, incremental achievements. What type of instructional material would best meet this need? Programmed material
What is an educational characteristic common to students with mild intellectual learning and behavior disability? Required modification in classroom instruction.
Individuals with mild MR can be characterized as Often indistinguishable from normal developing children at an early age
David is a 16 year old boy in your class who recently came from another country. The girls complain about the way he treats them in a sexist way. You have talked to David before about appropriate behavior. You should first: Check to see if this is a cultural norm in his country
Duration is an appropriate measure to take with all of these behaviors except: Hitting
All children cry, hit, fight, and play alone at different times. Children with behavior disorders will perform these behaviors at a higher than normal: Rate
Criteria for choosing behaviors that are most in need of change involve all of the following EXCEPT: The teacher's concern about what is the most important behavior to target.
Marcie is often not in her seat when the bell rings. She may be found at the pencil sharpener, throwing paper away or fumbling through her notebook. Which of these descriptions of her behavior can be described as a pinpoint? Is not in seat when late bell rings.
Jacob's mother describes him as her little helper. He organizes games at home. She states that her other, younger son is more of the follower, he is aloof and does not seem to stand up for himself. Bowen theory which factor may determine these differences Sibling Position
A teacher can encourage student-directed instruction by providing: Learning centers
Methods of effectively presenting a lesson plan so it may reach a variety of learners include: Audiovisual technology
The Integrated approach to learning utilizes all resources available to address student needs. What are the resources? The student, parents, the teacher, and community resources.
Which of the following teaching activities is LEAST likely to enhance learning for students with special needs? A verbal description of the task to be preformed, followed by having the children immediately attempt to perform the instructed behavior
Multiple Intelligence Testing is supported by: Brain-based research
Which is a less than ideal example of collaboration in successful inclusion? Special education teachers are informed of the lesson beforehand and assist regular education teachers in the classroom
Bob was showing behavior problems such as lack of attentiveness, inability to remain seated, and talking out. Bob is showing much better self control since he has been self managing himself. Placement recommendation for Bob is: The regular classroom, soley
Educators who advocate educating all children, without exception, in their classrooms and schools, who propose the end of labeling and segregation of special needs students in special classes, may be said to support the: Full inclusion model
Shy is in your inclusive class, and she exhibits a slower comprehension of assigned tasks and concepts. Her first 2 grades were Bs but now is receiving failing marks. She has seen the resource teacher. You should: Ask for a review of current placement
Howard Gardener suggests that students learn in at least: seven ways
What is the basis for the Inclusion Movement? All students belong in gen ed. no exceptionsGen ed teachers can and should teach all students including those with disabilitiesGen ed teachers will have all necessary supports to do this.
In a positive classroom environment errors are viewed as: A natural part of the learning process
What should be considered when planning the spatial arrangement of your classroom? Adequate physical spaceLighting characteristicsWindow location
Appropriate safety features which should be used in learning environment with special needs students include: Effective procedures to be used in emergencies
These can be considered effective transitional strategies. Gathering materials during the planning stages of instruction rather than during instructionKeeping students informed of the sequencing of instructional activitiesMoving students in groups and clusters rather than one by one
In establishing a classroom behavior management plan with the students, it is best to Have students involved in creating the rules on day one
Laura is beginning to raise her hand first instead of talking out. An effective schedule of reinforcement should be: Continuous
What is NOT a feature of effective classroom rules? They are negatively stated
Instructional practices of the behavioral approach include which of the following? Use of concrete hands-on material
When developing a management plan, teachers must be: Proactive
Positive reinforcers are generally effective if they are desired by the student and: Worthwhile in sizeGiven immediately after the desired behaviorGiven only upon the occurrence of the target behavior
An effective classroom behavior management plan includes: Transition procedure for changing activitiesClear consequences for rule infractionsConcise teacher expectations for student behavior
Morgan frequently talks during instructional time. Her teacher wants to use the assertive discipline approach to behavior management to decrease, and eventually eliminate Morgan's disruptions. These are appropriate interventions: Offering positive reinforcement when she is quiet during instructional timePromptly following through with expected consequences when she talks outFocusing on the behavior and the situation rather than on Morgan's character
Canter and Canter believe that behavior is: Chosen
How can a teacher decide when rules are broken and complied with? A system of positive consequences, rewards, can promote a positive classroomPositive expectations give the teacher an assertive response styleSetting limits allows students to refrain from negative behavior
The rule is no talking during silent reading time. Karl turns to Jake to talk every time. What nonaversive technique may the teacher employ to reduce this undesirable behavior? Proximity control
Why should adequate lighting be considered for an exceptional student in the classroom? Full spectrum lighting should be available
Above all, the physical arrangement of the classroom must allow: Safety measures
What is the difference between an IFSP and and IEP? An IFSP is created for children from birth to age three. An IEP is created for school-age children aged three to 21.
The minimum number of IEP meetings required per years is: One
What is an example of a cognitively demanding lesson? A lesson that requires the processing of three or four types of information
What is one way to differentiate the class in a large group setting? Modify instruction time
Who determines peer tutoring goals? Teachers
What are organizers? Learning toolsVisual aidsDiagrams
To facilitate learning instructional objectives: They should be arranged in order of similarity
What is a good example of generalization? Bill recognizes a vocabulary word on a billboard when traveling
In 2000, the National Reading Panel reviewed research on reading instruction showing that: There are five critical components of an effective reading program: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
What is the disadvantage of the whole language method? The absence of phonics
May has been mainstreamed into a 9th grade LA class. Her reading level is about 2 years below grade level. The class has been assigned to read Great Expectations. What interventions would be LEAST successful in helping May. Telling her to choose a different book that she can read
Activities such as saying rhyming and words that begin with the same sound or finding pictures in a list that start with the same or different sound. There are no printed letters in the exercise, they are improving their: Phoneme awareness
Teaching techniques that stimulate active participation and understanding in the math class include all but which of the following? Having students copy computation facts for a set number of times
In what order does the NCTM say new math concepts and operations should be taught? Teach with concrete manipulative, then pictorial representations, then symbols.
Although there are many strategies that can help students with disabilities learn new math concepts, what one strategy is almost universally necessary and helpful? More student time spent at the concrete level, interacting with manipulatives
Kenny is a 9th grader in woods shop, he is having difficulties grasping fractions and abstract concepts. What would be a good method to teach him this concept? Strips of paper that proportionately measure whole, half, 1/4, 1/8, etc.
For functional life problems, what can students ask themselves? What do I need in order to do the task? (Information needed to solve)What do I need to find out that I don't already know? (Relevant information)How can I find out what I need to know? (Strategy or plan)
Functional curriculum focuses on the following: Skills needed for social livingOccupational readinessUse of community resources
What criteria must be considered when choosing AT to help a particular student? Whether there is a specific need the AT can meet(goal on IEP that requires it)The degree of independence with which the student can us the deviceThe need for collaborative planning for the device to be used across all relevant settings
John learns best through the auditory channel, so his teacher wants to reinforce his listening skills. Through which of the following types of equipment would instruction be most effectively presented? CD Player
What AT is best for Bob, who can compose well but has difficulty with both encoding and the physical act of writing? Voice to text computer software
When a student begins to use AT it is important for the teacher to have a clear outline as to when and how the equipment should be used. Why? To establish a level of accountability with the student
A transition or vocational curriculum approach focuses on: Remediation of basic academic skills
Transition planning for post school life requires which of the following? School based instruction tailored to meet the student's goalCommunity based experiences for independent living or job skillsDevelopment of objectives related to specific employment and other post school areas
One of the most important goals of the special education teacher is to foster and create with the student: Self advocacy
All of the following are suggestions for pacing or altering the presentation of tasks to match the student's rate of learning except: Continue to teach a task until the lesson is completed in order to provide more time on task
How is student motivations increased when classroom instruction is modified? Students can manipulate materials that they use in their lives
Why provide a student with a checklist or check sheet? Check sheets are markers of success
Which of the following purposes of testing calls for an informal test? Analyzing the response of a student with a disability to various presentation of content material to see which strategy works for him
Stiggins' seven guiding principles for classroom assessment include: Appropriate targets
What is a task through which a teacher can identify a student's metacognition? Analysis of visual aids
What is the purpose of keeping students portfolios? Compile student workMonitor progress over a period of timePresentation for parent teacher conference
What is not an appropriate assessment modification or accommodation for a student with a LD Allowing the student to take the assessment home to complete
Formal assessments include standardized tests, norm referenced instruments, and Textbook chapter tests
What are the advantages of giving informal individual assessment rather than standardized group tests? Question can be modified to reveal a specific student's strategies or misconceptionsThe test administrator can clarify or rephrase questions for the studentThey can be inserted into the class quickly on an as needed basis
Criterion referenced tests can provide information about: Whether a student has mastered prerequisite skills
Children who write poorly might be given tests that allow oral responses unless the purpose for the test is to: Assess handwriting skills
The purpose of error analysis of a test is to: Evaluate the types of errors made by categorizing incorrect answers
The extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure is called: Validity
A functional program and have placed a student in a vocational position in the kitchen for a coffee house. A waiter takes orders and relays them to the student, whose job is to make coffee as ordered. Which task should be first in the task analysis? Picking the correct coffee
How are informal assessments quantified and measured? Via observational notes
Standardized tests allow: Administration to groupsAdministration to individualsComparison across population
What are individual intelligence tests primarily used for? Classification
What words describe appropriate IEP objectives? SpecificObservableMeasurable
In exceptional student education, assessment is used to make decisions about all of the following EXCEPT: Determining the desired attendance rate of a student
How can a diagnosis of readiness be assessed? Pretesting
How do teachers make inferences in teaching methods? By gathering clues for student performance
What characteristic is not associated with autism? Concomitant hearing and visual impairment
Which is typical of attention problems that a youngster with a LD might display? Lake of selective attention
Echolalia repetitive stereotyped actions and a severe disorder of thinking and communication are indicative of: Autism
In which of the following exceptional categories may a student be considered for inclusion if his IQ score falls more than 2 standard deviations below the mean? MR
According to IDEA 2004, students with disabilities are to do what? Participate in the general education program to the fullest extent that it is beneficial for them
What are critical to the success of the exceptional student placed in a general education classroom? Access to appropriate accommodations and modificationSupport from the special education teacherThe general education teacher's belief that the student will profit from the placement
Which group is not covered IDEA? Gifted and talented
A student is constantly out of seat, trouble paying attention to what is going on in class for more than a couple of minutes at a time. He appears to be trying but his writing is often illegible containing many reversals. Eval would be for: SLD
What is true about IDEA? In order to be eligible a student mus: Have a disability that fits into one of the categories listed in the lawHave a disability that actually affects school performance
Students with autistic tendencies can be more successful academically when the teacher: Keeps a calendar on the board of expected transitions
What determines whether a person is entitled to protection under Section 504 Must meet the definition of a person with a disabilityMust be able to meet the requirements of a particular program in spite of disabilitySchool must be the recipient of federal funding assistance
How was the training of special education teachers changed by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002? If a special education teacher is teaching a core subject, they must meet the standard of a highly qualified teacher in that subject
A consultant teacher should be meeting the needs of his student b: Meeting with the teacher before class to discuss adaptions and modifications
Which of the following is a responsibility that can NOT be delegated to a classroom aide? Designing a lesson plan
What can you do to create a good working envirnoment with a classroom assistant? Plan lesson with the assistant
A para has been assigned to assist you in the classroom. What action on part of the teacher would lead to a poor working relationship? Defining classroom behavior management as your responsibility alone
Janice requires OT and speech. She is your student. What must you do to ensure her needs are met? Schedule Collaboratively
The best way to ensure the success of educational intervention is to: Promote cooperative teaching efforts between general and special education
A serious hindrance to successful mainstreaming is: Lack of communication among teachers
Jane a 3rd grader has difficulty with math and reading assignments. Diagnostic tests showed strong sight vocab, strength is computational skills, weakness in comprehension. Team recommended placement in sped room for two periods for the remainder in: The regular classroom
All of the following are essential components of effective P/T conference EXCEPT: Using informal small talk to put the parents at ease
Parent contact should first begin when: You are informed the child will be your student
You should prepare for a P/T conference by Anticipating questions
May is not labeled as needing special ed services, she appears to be unable to function at her grade level both academically and socially. She is in 9th grade, but reads picture books. What should you do first? Establish a rapport with the parents

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