Question Answer
Ridiculous Something very silly or unbelievable
Sensible Considerate of others, polite
Courteous Showing good judgement reasonable.
Rude Not considerate of others, impolite
Plentiful More than enough of something, an abundant amount
Partner A person working with you or on the same side
Opponent A person who is against another in a contest , debate, or thought
To begin something or start something
To end something
Not enough of something
Excessive Too much of something
Ample Enough of something
Glance To take a quick look at something
Slumber To sleep soundly
Nap To sleep for a short time
Rage Violent anger
Annoyance Something that bothers you a nuisance
Nibble To bite something gently
Trustworthy Someone you can depend on
Fortunate Very lucky
Fabulous Causing laughter, happiness, or enjoyment
Delectable Something that is delicious
Amusing Something that is amazing or incredible
Elated High spirits, filled with joy
Enthusiastic To feel appreciation or delight for someone or something
Admire A great deal of interest or excitement, zealous
Triumph An outstanding success or achievement
Competent Having or showing ability or knowledge, caple of doing something
Stare To look at someone or something for a long time without moving our eyes
Gobble To eat something very quickly and greedily

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