Question Answer
Antonym A word that means the opposite of another word.
Synonym A word that means the same or almost the same thing as another word.
Courteous Polite and considerate.
Rude Not polite or does not think of others.
Partner Someone who works with another person in an equal way.
Opponent Someone who competes or fights against someone or something.
Plentiful More than enough of something.
Scarce Not enough of something.
Sensible Showing good judgment or making good sense.
Ridiculous Silly or making no sense.
Initiate To begin.
Terminate To end
Amusing Funny in a pleasant way.
Competent Able to do a task well.
Delectable Very delicious
Elated Very happy
Enthusiastic Having a lot of excitement
Fabulous Wonderful or to good to be true
Fortunate Lucky
Trustworthy Dependable
Admire To respect something and think it is very good
Triumph A win or victory
Nibble To take small, quick bites
Gobble To eat quickly and greedily
Annoyance Something that bothers you and makes you a little angry
Rage Extreme anger
Nap To sleep lightly or for a short while
Slumber To sleep soundly
Glance To look quickly
Stare To look at something long and hard
Ample Enough of something
Excessive Too much of something

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