Term Definition
body and soul coleman hawkins
oh lady be good count bassie and lester young
im coming home virginia django rhinehart and benny carter
youre driving me crazy valadia snow
a sailboat in the moonlight billie holiday
blue skies ella fitzgerald
christopher columbus fats waller
somewhere over the rainbow art tatum
swing to bop charlie christian
Know about the prominence of the jam sessions the importance they had to 1940s jazz. they were experimental, allowed them to not be structured, think of new melodies, relax and enjoy music
where were many jam sessions played in the 1940s mintons play house in harlem
What type of professional opportunities existed for jazz musicians during the late 1930s and 1940s? movie soundtracks, radio broadcasts, pit orchestras, working on records in studios
Why was Coleman Hawkins considered the father of the tenor saxophone in jazz? changed the sax from comical to cool
What great improvisational idea did Hawkins show in his performances that was so unique? he had a loud, dark and rich timbre. arrpeggios with chord structure to improvise off of the chord
What was Hawkins most significant harmonic innovation? harmonic substitutions that weren't written by the composer
Why is 1939 recording of ‘Body and Soul’ by Coleman Hawkins so significant? first recording with a soloist, improvisation on arpeggios, mixed logic and spontenaity
Know about Lester Young and his significance to swing jazz. made it big in kansas city, copied frankie traumbauer, played with fletcher henderso but it didnt go well. laid back, light and airey, took breaks
Lester young v. coleman hawkins lester: light lester, took breaks, laid back, personal slang and lingo, held sax sideways. Hawkins: bean, loud, dark rich, many notes and arpeggios
Who was Django Reinhardt and why was he significant as a jazz musician? Gipsy jazz musician, burned his hand, first famous guitarist from europe. same respect and duke and louis
djangos technique used two fingers, metal strings, loud plucking, relearned how to play in the hospital
Who was Valaida Snow and why is she important to swing jazz? she was a female band leader, played trumpet, sang and could dance very well. she stayed in europe copenhagen during nazi germany and was put in prison. she played like louis. line of dance shoes
four instruments of swing band rhythm section bass guitar drums and piano
who was fats waller harlem stride pianist, learned from James p Johnsome, father of stride, amazing song writer, aint misbehavin and honey suckle rose, comediian and charasmatic, gave musicians a shot of encouragment if they did well in rehearsal
most famous fats waller song honey suckle rose
who was art tatum? physical disability? he was an incredible pianist. called god. perfect pitch and legally blind. chord subsititutions, impacted charlie parker
art tatum style chord subsitutions and perfect pitch
charlie christian? what was the ensemble he played with? first notable electric guitarist. played with benny goodman sextet, made the electric guitar swing. made solos like horn players, died from tuberculosis
where was swing to bop recorded? night club jam session
swing to bod comes from topsy jam session
Who was the bass player for the Count Basie and the Blue Devils who first codified the walking bass technique? Walter Page
who was jimmy blanton? a bass player for duke elington band. showed that basses could solo and not just walk up and down the chords. died from tuberculosis
who is chick web? contributions? drummer, ran his own big band and beat benny goodmans big band. hunch back and dwarf, customized drums. dropped bombs with bass drum. explosive sound. took ella off the streets and became leagal gaurdian
What disease did Charlie Christian, Jimmy Blanton, and Chick Webb all suffer from? tuberculosis
What venue did the Chick Webb band have in the 1930’s? savoy ball room
what instrument did jo jones play drums
what did jo jones do? drummer for count basie. embarassed charlie parker, changed rhythm section from bass drum to high hat symbals
which white saxophonists imitated lester youngs light and feathery upper range? Gerry Mulligan, Al Eger, Paul Desmond MED
Who imitated lester youngs lower registar? dexter gordon and illinois jacket
billie holiday was different than ella bc limited range, no scatts, laid back phrases, sad songs, delay of enterance
ella fitzgerald was different than billie bc scatting, four octave range, sang happy songs
which band leader took ella in? chick webb
what was lester youngs finest record work on a gerswhin jazz tune? oh lady be good
what sax player was a lover of billie holiday romantically lester young
lester youngs nick name Prez
Billie Holiday nick name lady day
ella fitzgerald nick name first lady of song
coleman hawkins nick name bean
ben websters nick name the brute
who was ben webster student of coleman hawkins, played with duke ellington, but then his tone softened. he played many ballads

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