Question Answer
Stores and small settlements where goods can be bought and sold Trading post
People who buy and sell goods Merchants
A settlement or area far from the country that rules it Colony
To sail completely around the world Circumnavigate
Someone who give financial support to a person or a cause Patron
Outbreak of quickly spreading disease Epidemic
Buying and selling of humans as property Slave trade
Movement of people animals plants cultures and disease between Eastern and Western hemispheres Colombian exchange
A tool used to help sailors know which direction they are traveling Magnetic compass
Tells sailors how far north or south of the equator they have sailed Astrolabe
Why did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella fund Columbus's voyage Claim land-start Spanish settlementSpread ChristianityEarn money
What did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella trade with Asia Spices GoldSilk
How many weeks did Columbus sail 5
What is the name of the region and where Columbus landed West Indies
Where did Columbus think he landed Asia
What did Prince Henry's navigation school want to improve on ToolsSea travel
Who were affected by colonization and exploration of the Americans Africans
Native populations decrease because of Illness
Why was the settlement of new Spain harmful to the Native American and African Americans We're forced to workDied from diseasesDidn't speak the languages of their conquers
What was the most important animal the Europeans introduced Horses
Why were horses is important To travel furtherCarry heavy loadsFight against enemies
Why did sea travel become easier in the 1400s Ships
How did a new sea route help the Europeans FasterSaferEasier
The Carvel was a huge improvement to previous ships because They were smaller and lighterThey had triangle opposed to square
In the early 1400s what problems did Europeans and Asians face when trading goods and traveling Dangerous roadsCompete for trade routes
Started a school to teach navigation in map making Prince Henry
Traveled west across the Atlantic ocean in search of Asia. Discovered part of North America/Caribbean Christopher Columbus
Took a prisoner and conquer the Aztecs in 1521 he wanted the riches Hernan Cortez
Just wanted to find a faster waterway to Asia and his crew was the first to circumnavigate the world Magellan
Sought out to find the fountain of youth found land in Florida Pounce de Leon

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