2017 Master Ed #3

Question Answer
Learning how toe omlearn a lesson that may be more important than what we learn
For lifelong learning the master educator will teach students the best possible learning skills
The student sinability to read and study effectively creates a major barrier to learning
help the student to design an area to help them study that is free of distraction
studies have shown that the most successful students have a organized and scheduled approach to study
eliminating all electronic distracters would be appropriate during study time except maybe an online computer
students must understand that the time they put into studies must be their top priority
dont nag or overdo with students instead inspire them to study by motivate and encourage
outside world isnt always fair, students must recognize they need to be realists
difficult material when students are reading suggest they break it into manageable segments
encourage students to allow ample time to read and comprehend material prior to testing
when reading have students identify concepts and topics and pay attention to chapter summaries, main ideas and headings
employ concept connectors students will be able to relate what they are reading to what they have previously learned
a highlighting system is one that focuses on key words and phrases
for students to retain major concepts they have learned teacher will use a reminder word or highlight often
tell students when taking notes they should use a shorthand method
let students know about important cues such as items written on slides, voice emphasis or ideas written on the board
the formula for quick efficient studying is during peak performance time
teachers must explain to student the complexity of a learning objective when they assign time to a task
when students motivation and energy are low that is the time to schedule less important study tasks
being responsible for your own learning allows you to make decisions about priorities, time and resources
to succeed it is best to make a list of major events and amount of work to be accomplished in each subject which involves establishing a schedule
daydreaming will inevitably occur from time to time to stop it you must physically stand up; to bring thinking back
if student mind wanders they should write things down and return to studies
when studying explain to others that this is the time you have scheduled for study and that you expect respect from others
help students learn to relax as students might have book anxiety
teacher should teach learners to remember that courage is not the absence of fear it is taking action in the face of it
learners can take action and avoid barriers to learning by avoiding failure behaviors

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